The instructions for the government to start schools in the state school administrator, recommend to change the examination method for the next three years, for three years, national festivals and government programs suggest to exclude students in the school, to emphasize homework in school W 85  Tas in the categories of five to 12, instead of 8 tens, the class is currently tampered in Tas and Saturday, in the class of 8 Tab on Saturday.  Instead of Monday to Friday 5 Tab and Saturday 4 Tas.  Till 9 stars should teach.  Including painting, physical education, commuting, collective drill and voluntary subjects of voluntary subjects.  The Rat time for students will also have to keep less.  Thus, currently 8 schools can be run in 2 shifts according to the 5 tens of school running in Tas.  The first shift will be from 11 pm to 1.45 and the other shift will be 2.4 p.  One of the two shifts among the shifts will also be for sanitization.


Vacation days can be reduced, usually 220 to 230 days of academic work during the year.  On the 365 days of the year, on Sunday holiday and 26 Saturday leave, the total of 80 years of public holiday and vacation is less than 158 days.  That means that the total of 0 p days will be to be reduced in vacation days, including the.

 The class increase in the class for the remaining half number to reduce the number of current class will be given to schools in the coming days.  Thus, the state school administrator will be when the government is going to give a fixation of fixation or teachers, for the next three to four years.  Students sent to the government to prepare the government to prepare the government to get social distances to drink schools by the fiestrian, students sent water from home to the water bottle.

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