Home-learning education in Bhavnagar proved to be a flop.  Bhavnagar (Message Representative).  Parents are concerned about the lockdown by the education department, the difficulty in getting information of non-effective children.  Has been created.  As a result of which schools in Bhavnagar were closed during home learning and it was decided to keep the school education of the education department aside.  Informed Sources The paperwork seems to be far from the reality by revealing the new fluva that the home learning program created to do seems to have been forced.  It is seen that the government is working on primary education.  Because the government primary department also gets statistics.  Although the new semester has begun in the wake of the home-based primary school collecting all those studying the corona virus epidemic in schools, the parents of the children do not have televisions or schools as the students have studied, not mobiles.  When there is an interest in being shown in the school, which is being followed by the teachers from the new semester by the rotation system.  The real situation is being seen differently as some children are being called to get education at home.  Students have been instructed to make efforts through online and TV as per the rotation.  On the basis of which c.  R.C.  Information is being sought on how many children have been given home learning on a daily basis.  Education department sources said

EMS to close schools in Mizoram EMS schools to be closed again from October 9 Aizal, May 6: Amid rising cases of corona virus in India, a gradual unlocking process has taken place in which several states have also ordered the reopening of schools.  But in Mizoram, the government had to reopen schools, forcing the decision to be reversed in ten days.  The Mizoram government once again rushed to close all schools.  There was no death in that either.  The decision has been made.  The Corona government has hastily closed schools again amid the rising cases of Corona virus in the state at present.  This decision has been taken beyond 300 cases of the virus.  Schools in the state have closed after reopening and the health department said the 18th sudden increase in cases due to the unlock process was due to the fact that schools in Aizawl reopened on October 19 and closed again in October.  Was given in the state but will be deducted.  It is to be noted that about 150 patients underwent corona outbreak in the state in which Mizoram is the state of India where more than 2100 patients have been cured due to corona virus

Marksheet of Std-12 supplementary examination was given to the principals.  The result of the supplementary examination of the entire state was 7.5%.  Under the guidance of the Board of Education, the Gujarat Secondary Marksheet was distributed by the Education Department for the supplementary examination of Std-12 held in Bhavnagar on Saturday.

  The marksheet of Std-12 examination was distributed to all the principals of the general stream supplementary examination of the respective schools.  The result of the state was 7.5 per cent.  According to the result of the examination of NG Vyas, the supplementary district education officer of Std-10 and Std-12 VP, Gujarat has come to secondary, he said.

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